I am someone who has a lot of interest and hobbies; I see my hobbies and interests is a long list of activities that I usually like to do depending on my boredom or my curiosity. Some of my hobbies and interests are playing video games, writing poems and literature, listening to music, exploring my skills of my computer knowledge and etc. However one of my interests stands out the most, which is photography.

I chose photography as my main interest, because I love taking aesthetic photographs using my camera. I usually use this skill in our school’s Journalist club simply because I am one of their photographers. But I do not take pleasure of photographing neither programs nor events, since I usually take pictures of what pleases my eyes.

One misconception about photography is that people think that it’s an easy skill, where you just point your camera and shoot; it is true but good photography that you usually found on websites takes skills, patience and determination for it.

I feel like I do well in photography, I can tell since I never took any photography lessons and seminars ever in my life; however I usually read tips, tricks and advises about photography through the internet and several websites. I also think that my hobby of picturing pictures was influenced by my family, My real dad was a professional photographer of politicians, while my mom keeps on buying expensive cameras for us when I was in preschool – grade school; But my interest in taking photographs started when I was introduced to the internet, where a community of people from media would post their photos through Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

My siblings, especially my sister Radiance (Ajang) Pamatmat also likes to take pictures, sometimes we would take self-portraits (selfies) with each other or take good pictures of one another and post it on Facebook.

Here are some examples of photos that I captured:

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