Today, I took a part of a career oriented seminar the speaker talked about the things that we should do as a student entering senior high and how we would choose our career to have a goal in life, The speaker talks about how “You should not have dreams but instead have goals in life”; that particular speech made me realized that I should set goals throughout my life, not only one goal in life but separate goals in different time and ways to achieve that number one goal, to be successful.

The goals I have set this week, this month and this school year should be accomplished with deadline. My goal for this week (or every week) is that I should be done of all school works that needs to be finished, I should have no failing scores in any quizzes and at the end I would take the break and rest that I have earned. If my goal for the week isn’t accomplished, I would prioritize for next week. My Goal for this month (or every month) is that I should always be in good health, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially, I would look for any flaws or failures that I could set as an example as an inspiration and warning for my future and at the end I would take the break and rest that I have earned. My goal for this school year (or every school year until I finished my education) is that I should make my parents proud for what I accomplished in school. I will also make the most of the year applying of what I have learned to my daily life, especially the values that I should show to everyone and in the end I always expect some rewards from my parents in return (but not always).

Sometimes my goals can be exceptional, the goals that I mentioned are only major goals; some goals that aren’t related can also implemented on a week or month or year depending on my priority and interest. Sometimes I don’t really accomplish my goals or don’t have any goals. Sometimes some of my goals would flood my brain and I couldn’t cope up leaving me stressed. But at most parts these implemented goals helps me through life and how I adjust to become a more successful person than my previous self and how I would accomplish my goals for the benefits it will bring to my future.

“The FUTURE is brighter than your PAST, if you prioritize your GOALS and minimize your DREAMS.”


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