My Hero

When we hear or think about a “Hero”, stereo typically people will assume that they’re talking about “Superheroes”. Heroes and Superheroes have a lot in common, but in my opinion one of them stands out from one another. Superheroes are benevolent fictional character, with superhuman powers; they are created for our entertainment and to teach us the noble qualities and values in life. A hero is someone who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities, someone who is special, someone who helps, someone who is unique and is a person of generosity, courage, kindness and concern.

To some they are known as heroes, but to me they are known as my family especially my Mother, she is always by my side even if she is far away, working in abroad. In any situation I was in and she always kept her best interest at heart. No matter where I was in school, at home, or outside in the streets, my mother is always behind me. Most noticeably in my high school career; my mother always push me to my limits to achieve better.

Aside from my parents and siblings, my “ninong” (godfather) is my hero and my mentor. He is someone who helps me through difficult times when my parents are unavailable. He is always by my side even if we don’t always agree with each other. He guides me through any condition that I am in, he always have time to listen to my problems no matter how stressful or massive my problems are. He does everything he can to help me even when he is still busy.

These heroes of mine may not be the fairest or the coolest, but they are to me; they always try to protect me no matter what. And my parents always help me in my time of needed even when they have things to do themselves. Not even Spiderman or Superman can compare to what they did for me in my educational career; the only difference is they are without a cape and a suit.

We should all make our heroes an inspiration and motivation for our lives and continue to learn from them. We should give what they give us, teach what they teach us, help like when they helped us and be a motivation for others like when they became our inspiration, we should do these things as we go on with our daily lives, share the wisdom, knowledge and virtue that we were given by our heroes.

“A HERO is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than ONESELF.”

-Joseph Campbell



4 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. Somebody who appreciates his hero will also becomes hero himself. -Waraam Read
    To the blogger: Your style in writing is very appealing and inspiring. Continue to hone your talent in writing by sharing your thoughts and ideas and inspire more people. It was indeed a great job! -Ynnos Azaban (writer of Henerasyon Z.)

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    1. When he hears your words of encouragement and sees your courage in handling life’s battles, you leave an imprint of heroism that somehow leads him to act the way you do and model your person to others. That, in a sense, is your sense of heroism to this young guy.


  2. Good writing, Hendrix! Keep on putting into print your thoughts and ideas. One day, when you’ve come of age, you’d realize how much you have contributed to the minds of the young, that somehow your thoughts have inspired them the way you were inspired by your heroes!


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