Winning In Love & Determination

Intramural sports or Intramural is a recreational organized set of sports like an Olympics within a particular institution, usually an educational foundation.

This school year our school, Bloomfield Academy celebrated the annual Sports Intramural; we celebrate this event during the end of our first quarter and at the beginning of the second quarter. The intramural would last for three consecutive days after the week of exams; it would involve the Grade School, Junior & Senior High School and The Faculty and Staffs.

Our intramurals theme is “W.I.L.D. Intrams” which stands for “Winning In Love & Determination”. The Grade School’s Intramurals is consisted of Yellow, Maroon, Blue and Orange Teams; and each has members from Grade 1 – 6. The color teams would compete against each other to win the Grade School’s Intramurals. The Junior and Senior High School’s Intramurals has each of their own classroom section as a team that represents an animal; like Grade 7 (Forbearance) Forbearance Bulls, Grade 8 (Steadfastness) Steadfast-Lions, Grade 9 (Uprightness) Upright-Tamaraws, Grade 10 (Integrity) Integri-Tigers and Grade 11 (Piety) Piety-Panthers.

All teams has at least 1 – 2 weeks to prepare their Cheer Dance and Team Logo with the help of teachers, advisers, co-advisers and mentors; they would also start to assign members from their teams to different game or sports events.


During the first day of intramurals, Muse and Escorts from all teams would compete against each other during the sport fashion event in corresponding sports attire. After that event; teams would then now compete against each other by performing their cheer dance in front of everyone with judges to evaluate them; they would also evaluate the best logo, After the cheer dance, the official intramural now started by announcing the game events for the first day. When the two teams are called, the team would proceed to compete against the other theme during the event. We then proceed to end the day by watching a dance number performance on stage.


During the second and third day of intramurals, game officials and masters would announce the report of the game events on the stage; followed by the announcement the game events for the second and third day. We then proceed to end the day by watching a dance number performance on stage.


There isn’t actually a fourth day of intramurals, this day was just used to announce the over-all winners of all the events by giving them their trophies, medals and certificates.

At the end of the intramurals, every student learned an important value that is essential in sport; these young athletes learned the value of sportsmanship. That value is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors. Because at the end of the day, someone always wins but nobody ever lose.

“If you win through BAD SPORTSMANSHIP, that’s NO REAL VICTORY”

-Babe Didrikson Zaharias

Featured Image captured by Hendrix A. Zulueta during the first day of intramurals.


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