My Special Place is My Special Home

HOUSE is a solid structure, with a roof on top, but a home is a place that brings my family together. It’s an area where they feel truly relaxed; it’s our favorite place that we feel particularly drawn to. Some people that have a home take it for granted, But other people are desperate to find a place that they can call HOME.

A house is a building especially one that is lived in by a family or a small group of people; it also means to provide a person or animal with shelter. Home is a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family; it is a place where one lives.

My special place is where I feel safe and comfort, it’s where I have good and bad memories; it’s where I feel love. Home is where I share love with family and with friends. Birthday parties are held, and memories are made, to last a lifetime.

No matter what size big or small, my special place is where I belong. Take you your time to enjoy it all; because I know my special place is my special home.

For me, Home is the safest place on earth, I feel sheltered and protected. I go inside without worries floating in my head. Home is comfy and cozy. Home is the best place in the world, and I think that we all deserve one.

“There is nothing like staying at HOME for REAL COMFORT.”

-Jane Austen



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