Ten to Twenty Years From Now

A human being like you and me has many thoughts going on our minds but I will tell you what’s mine. I do know how to be a successful person in life. Do you know how to be successful too? Well, being successful is not easy but if you work hard for what you want you can achieve it. I always dream of becoming a multi-millionaire company holder but I know it is not easy to be one. It takes hard work and you have to face the challenges ahead.

Currently, I’m not that much happy of what I am. Ten to twenty years from now I can see myself being very different from the way I am now, as I would like to change a lot of things.

At this point in my life, I will want to start a family because having children is one of the most wonderful experiences a parent can have. Next, I will want to advance my career to a point where I won’t have to depend on a part-time job to take care of my family. I will be able to give my kids all the care and attention they need.

I would love to see myself involved in multiple organizations that help people all over the world. One goal that is the closest to my heart is to be so on top that both my parents would not ever have to work or worry for anything for as long as I have them.

Ten to twenty years from now is really a long time. One can be alive, one can be dead; one can be single and one can be married. Many things can happen in ten to twenty years, and it is foolish to believe that we will be where we see ourselves now. But I know that I want to be successful and wake up every day with a pleasant smile; I want nothing less for myself than to be happy and feel proud and accomplished.

“The BEST WAY to predict your FUTURE is TO CREATE it.”

-Abraham Lincoln


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