STEM Program: The Future of Your Career.

The STEM program from the USA has traveled through the Philippines to give our school Bloomfield Academy: Center for Science and Technology a new beginning of implementing advance science and technology in the country. Bloomfield Academy is now one step closer on becoming a fully integrated science and technology school, this has major change will now allow students to determine our future and desired career.for-website-stem1.jpg

STEM set the world-class standards for work capabilities like the capacity to think critically, creatively and reflectively, ability to identify and solve problems, ability to be an adaptable, self directed, competent life-long learner and ability to have pride in work.

Having STEM gave us advantages and benefits in our educational system, these include:

  • Develop 21st century skills
  • Discover interest and talent
  • Prepare for in-demand desired career
  • Determine your future work
  • Apply science and technology in life

STEM would help me in determine my future and desired job, by giving me any possibilities and choices to choose my future profession. STEM offers developmental programs that help students like me to manage the usage of technology. Interactive and educational STEM modules allow us to test our capabilities in major career.


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